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Welcome to the Bellefree Forum!
Bellefree forum is a gathering place for artists to inspire and be inspired, help each other develop, and push themselves as artists. We invite everyone to constructively crit the art here, and to post your own belle drawings for critique by fellow artists.

Guidelines for posting:
  1. belle n. An attractive, much-admired girl or woman.
  2. Have a look around, get to know the folks in the community. Participate in the conversations. Become a part of the community. You're more likely to get comments on your art that way.
  3. Quality, not quantity. One substantial comment is worth ten 'Good jobs!'.
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Any artwork posted on the bellefree forum is the property of the artist, and may not be re-used without permission.
More information on copyrights from Aimee Major's Copyright Files. Are you violating copyrights? Her Copyright FAQ.